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Make the most of your Solar Power Generation
Eco Intelligent Charging of your Home Battery

Save your money

Eco Intelligent battery management helps prevent under or overcharging, by automatically adjusting your charge settings based on how much energy you need and can spare.

Make life simple

Save your time spent monitoring your generation, consumption and weather.

Remove the hassle of setting your battery charge and discharge times.

Support research

Helping our partners gain a better understanding of energy to help fight climate change through analysis of your anonymous consumption and solar generation data.

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...then just £10 per month

Solar Battery Scheduler uses Eco Intelligence to analyse your energy use and solar generation. It automatically manages your battery charging and exporting to maximise your green solar energy potential.


We supply anonymous data to research organisations such as universities to help understand and improve energy use, balance the grid, and fight climate change.

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Helping lead the charge of sustainable energy and a better future for our planet.

We’re an experienced and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a service designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. We provide a smart solution for people with home solar + battery storage systems and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service. At Solar Battery Scheduler, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge provides a simple, convenient and automated way for you to make the most of your home solar + battery system.


We partner with universities and climate research organisations to better understand how home renewable energy is generated and used at people's homes. This helps our service and help the wider sector understand and plan approaches and ideas to reduce global warming. Read more about our research support >

If you're a part of a research organisation, we would love to partner with you.

Home Owners

If you have solar panels and battery storage at your property, you can make the most of it with our service. Register for free and check if your system is compatible. Then you can subscribe to a free 30 day trial.


If you're a solar installer we would love to partner with you. Find out more about partnering >

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