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Welcome to the Solar Battery Scheduler Help Center. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and installers and compiled them all into one place. Perhaps you may have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind-here you will find what you are looking for. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, do not hesitate to reach out.

Solar Panels on Rooftop

How much money will I save?

This is a very difficult question to answer due to many factors. Our service is not 100% accurate, nor will any similar service ever be.

Here's a few very basic examples of money saved. Your individual circumstances and environment are far more complex and will result with different savings:

1) you fully charge your 10kwh battery overnight, causing surplus solar of 5kw the next day to be exported. You've paid 9p/kwh to charge, and export for nothing, costing you 45p :(

2) you charge your 10kwh battery to 50%, but the next day you only generate 3kw from the sun. You consume all the solar, battery, then 4kwh from the grid in peak time to cook dinner at 30p/kwh. You pay £1.20 instead of the extra 4kwh overnight charge at 9p which would have cost 36p. You've paid 84p extra :(

3) You have a 3 hour window during peak time to export at 35p/kwh. You fully charged your battery last night. You set your inverter to discharge the whole 3 hours. But your battery runs out after 2 hours after exporting 7kwh (you've used the rest already). You then need to import 1kwh during peak time at 40p/kwh, plus another 2kwh for the remainder of the day at 30p/kwh. This costs you £1, reducing the £2.45 you made from the export :(

If you save 50p per day by charging your battery to meet your needs as much as possible after using all your solar. 

That's £182.50 saved in a year! :)

Furthermore, our service works with export tariffs, and can intelligently maximise your charge while setting your export window to only export your spare energy! Even just an extra 1kwh charge at 9p/kwh to later export at 35p/kwh makes you 26p.

That's £94.90 a year! :)

Take off the cost of our service, and you've still got a great saving!

Not only that, you've helped balance the grid and fight climate change even more!


I can just set my battery to charge how I like, so why should I sign up?

Yes, you can change your settings however you like. But it's time consuming, and probably a best guess. Our service saves you the time, and uses sophisticated prediction algorithms to try and charge your battery as accurately as possible based on a lot of factors. Your anonymous data also helps research organisations to gain a better understanding of home energy generation and work towards a bigger goal of grid balancing and fighting climate change.

Does this work on export tariffs?

Yes! Our service decides if you can charge your battery a bit extra during off-peak in order to export it during peak times. It does this cautiously to avoid over-exporting and leaving you having to import to get through to the end of the day.

What data do you store about me?

We store some basic contact details like your name, phone and email address so we can get in touch.

Your payment details are securely stored by our website service provider (read more here).

We also store your system manufacturer's access key and inverter serial number, so we can access it to adjust the charge/discharge settings. We copy your daily consumption amount, and daily solar generation amount from your inverter, to help figure out your energy trend and next day battery charge settings.

We send all our customers' anonymous consumption and generation daily amounts to research organisations we've partnered with to help them better understand home energy trends and fight climate change. This is carefully controlled through partner agreements and close communications.

We will NEVER share your personal data unless it's required by law.

Your service isn't 100% accurate and I've missed out on some savings

It's impossible to guarantee that your energy consumption will use 100% of your solar, plus the battery which has been automatically charged exactly the correct amount. There are so many factors, including the duration of daylight, weather, when you use high-consumption appliances (dishwasher, oven etc), how your EV charger integrates with your solar system and when you charge your car, plus many others.

Our service does the best job it can based on the data its got, some assumptions, and some intelligent data science. We partner with research organisations and constantly review our algorithms to improve them and make our service increasingly accurate.

While we'll never save you 100% of possible savings, we can still save you lots. Plus there are other benefits besides saving money: helping to balance the grid, support research organisations with anonymous data, and fight climate change.

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