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Installers - Onboarding

Below are some steps to follow on how to become an installer partner, and how to subscribe your customers. Please contact us for further information.

Becoming an Installer

Becoming an Installer Partner

1. Register on this website.

2. Contact us and we'll sort out the Installer Agreement with you.

3. Once the Installer Agreement is finalised, we'll assign your account as an Installer.

4. Maintain your list of customers who subscribe to our service, so we can work our your annual commission payment

Subscribing your Customers

Subscribing Customers

1. Send your customer a link to the this website, so they can understand the benefits of Solar Battery Scheduler

2. If the customer is interested, ask them to register using their own account.

3. After the customer has logged in, help them to set their tariff information on the 'My Energy Tariff' page. They will need to be on a compatible tariff.

4. Help the customer enter their inverter details on the 'My Inverter' page, and check that the test is successful.

5. If the customer is on a compatible tariff and the inverter test was successful, help the customer to purchase a subscription on the 'My Subscriptions' page using their payment information.

6. On your installer account, add the customer's email address to your list of customers on the 'My Customers' page 

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