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Feel Greener

Making the most of 'self consumption' by using all your green energy and relying less on the grid

Make Money

We work out if you can generate and charge more than you need tomorrow, then export any excess if you have a good export window.

Balance the Grid

We try to ensure you charge enough to cover tomorrow's consumption, so you don't import during peak times. This reduces strain on the national grid.

Save your time

Manually monitoring your usage, solar generation, weather, and other things takes its time. Let our Eco Intelligence platform do it for you

You don't need an EV

Unlike some intelligent tariffs, you don't need a compatible EV or charger to use our service. Just a compatible inverter

Minimise home battery charging

We work out how much electricity you'll need tomorrow, and only charge your battery if you won't generate enough solar. This helps prolong battery life

Prevent over-export

We try to make sure you don't export too much energy in your peak export window. This saves you  from importing again afterwards

Eco Intelligence

We use predictive machine learning, trends, weather forecasts, and other metrics to figure out your solar generation and consumption tomorrow.

Cheap monthly subscription

After our free trial, it's only £10 per month. That's less the savings you could be missing out on. If it's not for you, you're not tied in for longer than a month.

Save Money

If you won't generate enough electricity tomorrow for your needs, we import just the extra you'll need in your cheap import window

Support Research

We share our anonymous customer data with organisations who are researching and studying domestic energy use to help fight climate change

Support Engineers

We pay commissions to installers. This helps them grow their business to cope with increasing demand. More solar installations helps the planet.

Stay in control

Some energy suppliers have great intelligent plans, but they may control your inverter. You can pause our service whenever you like, say if you're going on holiday, or want to set your own charge and discharge settings one day.

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