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How we support research

We provide anonymous daily total consumption and solar generation amounts to our approved partners, which they can use privately within their field of research. This contributes to the understanding within the industry of how distributed green energy generation and storage can help to balance the grid. This in turn helps energy companies to improve the energy supply chain, ensuring it meets demand, and is as green as possible. It also helps researchers gain insights, knowledge and experience to progress their projects and their own careers.

Our research partners

Some of the research organisations we work with are...

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Are you part of a Research Organisation?

Research organisations we partner with include universities, public and privately funded companies, non-profits and any other organisation who is focussed on improving energy usage and fighting climate change.

If we have the same goal, let's partner and collaborate!

We provide anonymous daily total consumption and solar generation amounts in kwh to you, for free! In return, we ask that we can add you as a partner to our marketing.

There are agreements to come to before we can partner with you, so please get in touch for further information.

Research Organisation Inquiry

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.

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